Global SoMe Magazine 2016

Global SoMe Magazine 2016

Social is global: everyday, everywhere

Once again, we’ve taken the next step. Last year, for the first time, we presented a study into the use of Social Media in the European insurance market. And what you are now holding is a report of the first global survey. Within the framework of our independent Social Media Insurance Monitor, earlier this year we surveyed no less than 20 leading international insurers. We did so because, as ITDS Business Consultants involved in this sector, we know that we are active in a rapidly changing world. “To survive with Social Media” is the bottom line, and that’s something that transcends all borders, in every which way. Our initiative − which was launched six years ago in the Netherlands, extended to cover Europe last year and went global this year − is highly appreciated internationally. This year, for the second time in a row, we were nominated for Social Agency of the Year at the annual Corporate Social Media Awards in New York. Nearly 500 leading companies from around the world vie for these prestigious awards. Our Monitor and SoMe magazine garnered the honour of “Highly Commended” during the awards gala. This puts us at the
international leading edge of Social Media, with our research being valued at an international level, something we are justifiably proud of. The insurer that achieved the highest score of all the 20 surveyed insurers to claim our top ranking also has reason to be proud. The facts and figures lead to a number of conclusions that will be of interest to everyone in the industry. Furthermore, I’d like to draw your attention to the advice of Neil Hiltz, Global Head Financial Services, Facebook, which is to“Think from the customer’s perspective”. In his opinion, and ours too, this is clearly still not always the case. Our vision in this respect is unambiguous: a change of the business model is needed. And this is why “Towards a Social Company” is the main theme of this first global edition of SoMe magazine 2016.


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De Social Media Insurance Monitor

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Sinds 2011 voert ITDS jaarlijks de Social Media Insurance Monitor uit: een onafhankelijk onderzoek naar de inzet van Social Media door verzekeraars, uitgegeven als SoMe magazine. In korte tijd is de Monitor een begrip geworden, nauwgezet gevolgd door de branche. Als logische vervolg heeft SoMe nu ook een Global Edition. Hiermee brengen we de inzet van Social Media door internationale verzekeraars in kaart.

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