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The worldwide Social Media Insurance Monitor 2018, is the only independent research into the use of social media by international insurers, covering 20 large insurers spread over 11 different countries. The results and analysis of our research are published in the Global SoMe Magazine. In addition to the facts and figures, the magazine also describes some inspiring initiatives from all over the world and authoritative experts give their vision and suggestions in the social and digital field.

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And the winner is..

Out of all insurers, Geico is the winner of 2018’s Social Media Insurance Monitor. Besides posting informative and fun content, including their mascot Gecko, Geico uses social media to offer 24/7 service through their mobile app, website or by phone. The second place goes to Dutch Aegon, who takes the biscuit when it comes to providing service through social media, including WhatsApp. The American insurer State Farm completes the top three. The 20 insurers have a leading role in the international insurance industry in their own field and have a considerable influence on the developments within the sector. The results of the research are based on interviews, desk research and measurements in the first half of 2018.

Customer service via social lags behind

In the Global SoMe 2018, we’ve identified a wealth of social media activities and concluded that the fan bases of insurers have grown substantially, compared with last year. We were also able to ascertain that insurers made more active use of social media during the measured period. However, it has to be said that customer recommendations and the level of customer service offered by insurers still leave much to be desired. Arjen de Boer (Partner ITDS) adds his vision to this: “Nowadays, customers make choices based on user reviews, they want self-service and maximum user-friendliness. Other sectors seem to be acting on all this, but the insurance industry is lagging. Adoption has been, and still is, too slow, and all too often those customer requirements are not being met. What I’d really like is for us embrace and adopt new technologies like these to the direct benefit of customers.”